Microfusion is now a partner of HYCU in Hong Kong and Taiwan! HYCU is a data management solution focused on the backup, monitoring, and recovery of Google Cloud (GCE, GKE, GCS) and optimized for SAP HANA.
As a global enterprise supplier, HYCU provides the first integrated backup service for Google Cloud. HYCU for Google Cloud will help you save the hassles of deploying and managing data backup. With HYCU, users just have to select the virtual machine (VM) they want to protect, assign a planned management strategy, and they can leave the rest of the work to HYCU.


Features & Benefits

HYCU is highly integrated with Google Cloud Platform and SAP HANA, and provides professional services for data migration, protection, and disaster recovery. HYCU is an all-around data management for your businesses.


  • No deployment, maintenance, or upgrades are needed.
  • Leverage Native Storage Snapshots
  • Backup to Storage Buckets
  • Full Integration with Google Identity Access Manager
  • Integrated with Google Billing on GCP Marketplace
  • User-Centric self-service restore
  • Cost-effective
  • Dynamic scale-out design


Microfusion Technology, now a partner of HYCU, is also a Google Cloud Premier Partner with SAP expertise. We have helped customers in structuring, building, relocating, and maintaining SAP on Google Cloud.

The integration of GCP and HYCU can help customers who build SAP systems on Google Cloud streamline their backup tasks and complete the works within a few minutes.

HYCU’s fully managed backup service can automatically detect the hosts where SAP HANA has been deployed. Customers do not need to engage in any deployment, construction, or maintenance actions, and can effectively avoid SAP data loss, errors, and damage.

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