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Delivering greater flexibility to suit your IT and business needs

Google Cloud provides a reliable infrastructure for all enterprises and individuals. Popular applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Map, and Google Search Engine are powered by Google Cloud services, supporting a massive network of more than one billion users around the globe. Google Data Centers are available in different regions worldwide, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, providing fast, reliable, consistent, and secure service networks for local and regional users.

Google Cloud does not require up-front fees from its customers. The pay-as-you-go pricing model brings greater flexibility for business operations. Customers can also save money through automatic savings based on monthly usage. The system will automatically adjust the cost and customers can save up to 30% for running on the cloud for one month, and even up to 50% with a committed use discount.

Google Cloud accelerates business development by saving customers the hassles of building cloud infrastructure from scratch. Google Cloud Platform is highly flexible, scalable, and easy to deploy, allowing customers to build customized solutions and deploy clouds in the shortest time.

Start your cloud journey with Microfusion

Microfusion is a Premier Partner of Google Cloud, and our customers span from local, regional, and global companies. As of today, we have helped over 2,000 companies, spanning from gaming, retailer, e-commerce, blockchain, media, IT, semiconductors to build their very own clouds. We help you find the issues, list out all possible answers, and find the right solutions to overcome the challenges you encounter when undergoing digital transformation and business growth.

Our certified architects and experienced project managers will work closely with you when building clouds. With deep knowledge of the cloud ecosystem, the team will provide you with customized solutions, mapping out the right cloud service providers and hardware facilities (servers). Whether it is cloud migration, infrastructure building, or managed services, Microfusion is committed to delivering high-quality technical support at any point of your cloud journey.

Microfusion has earned the trust of large-scale enterprises to deploy integrations of third-party software, including SAP and CITRIX onto Google Cloud Platform. The solution specializes in data storage and analysis, creating a seamless platform – Data Storage, Process, Analysis, and Visualization, all in one place to bring the best use of Cloud and optimize business decisions.

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Technical Training and Workshops

Ready to start your cloud journey? Microfusion provides technical workshops for our customers to know their clouds better. With our architects (certified by Google Cloud), you will be able to swiftly learn how to manage your cloud and make smart decisions for your businesses. These workshops are fully customizable based on your needs.

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