Alibaba Cloud Migration Service 阿里雲雲端遷移

Extend your business to Mainland China

Enterprises often encounter problems at the local end, such as being vulnerable to server restrictions and being unable to quickly extend or expand capacity when they try to extend their services to China. With Alibaba’s cloud migration services, enterprises can quickly deploy in the rapidly changing environment and respond to market demand in real time. And Alibaba Cloud can also adjust usage according to the needs of the enterprise, helping you enter China without obstacles.

5 Advantages of Alibaba Cloud Migration Service

The highest security for data on the cloud

Design of a cloud data center is more complicated than for a traditional data center. Alibaba Cloud’s powerful information security services protect all cloud service architectures. Users only need to secure their account and password to use it with peace of mind.

Boost operational efficiency

Using the cloud to start a service is faster than a traditional machine, effectively boosting operational efficiency.

Globalized service

Alibaba Cloud services are available all over the world. Alibaba Cloud data centers and CDN nodes are distributed across regions to create the best user experience.

Can be used anytime, anywhere

You can use cloud services so long as there is a network.

Complete analysis report

After migrating to the cloud, Alibaba Cloud can provide complete information, allowing users to oversee service status and determine whether the structure needs to be adjusted.