The best cloud platform for testing app functions and improving quality and efficiency of development

After the launch of an app, a developer’s biggest fears are: User runs into application crashes, compatibility issues, performance issues; the user experience is not only adversely affected, but those issues may even cause losses in both revenue and users. After importing the EMAS Mobile Testing solution provided by Microfusion, you can effectively solve such problems while enhancing the quality of your app and boosting your market competitiveness!

Mobile testing solutions to check the quality of your apps

Mobile Testing was developed based on Alibaba Cloud’s numerous application scenarios and deep technical capabilities. Alibaba Cloud has a large number of popular models for developers to test, helping them to avoid abnormalities in app services due to differences in mobile interface design. Finding problems early and optimizing services allows you to give a faultless polish to your app before finalizing and publishing.

Services have been provided for a number of app heavy-weights, such as: Mobile Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Alipay, and others. It has accumulated broad experience in mobile device testing, and can hone your app to perfection through the complete process of “discovering problems, locating problems, and solving problems.”

Improved Test Performance

Mobile testing allows you to quickly identify and solve problems with one-stop expert testing services.

Visualized Capabilities and Universal Compatibility for Scripts

Provides online visual recording through iOS and Android platforms, which increases production speed by more than 10x, and can convert online visual recording scripts into universal Appium scripts.

High Bug-detection Rate

Provides compatibility exploratory testing, and the bug detection rate can reach 30% as compared with traditional monkey testing.

Expert Manual Script Support

Build automated scripts “from 0 to 1” for use in functional testing and covering main business processes.