Auto-managed cloud database tailored for each application

MongoDB Atlas is a cloud database tailored for modern applications. Easily deployed on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure, it has a wealth of practical built-in auto-management functions, reducing your maintenance worries. MongoDB Atlas also meets the needs of enterprises for high reliability and scalability and complies with information security regulations and standards. It provides secure storage space for sensitive enterprise data.

MongoDB can also accelerate product development and boost database management efficiency

MongoDB Atlas can satisfy the needs of database management engineers and program developers, regardless of what their goal is building an online game that connects millions of people in battles, a popular large-scale live concert ticketing system, or an internal ERP system.
The system has a diverse and practical suite of tools; and being tailored for the needs of enterprises, it can accelerate product development and enhance database management efficiency. MongoDB Atlas is a simple and easy-to-use database. Altogether, its five advantages and more than ten programming language drivers, along with documents written in JSON, accelerate the system integration and development processes of program developers, and also allow for handling tasks with complex data structures. MongoDB Atlas can also be used for data analysis at enterprises with large data analysis needs, which can more effectively extract precious information hidden in data to gain insights and turn them into new business opportunities.

Distributed data storage is both secure and convenient

User database systems can be dispersed across more than 75 regional data centers of different cloud solution providers, such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. The data processed through the data partition function can also be distributed and stored in server rooms around the world, allowing users to obtain the information they need from nearby locations.

Give proper protection to sensitive information

MongoDB Atlas’ rigorous security control mechanisms and advanced technology strengthen data security to fully achieve privacy protection and compliance with regulatory standards.

A database system especially designed to improve the efficiency of program development

This database system is recommended by many dev teams for its numerous built-in drivers, connectors, and practical tools that help developers build applications, process data, and generate analysis results with greater speed.

A database system trusted by the world’s top 500 companies

It adopts a high-availability architecture and provides such smart functionality as distributed storage, data backup, and automatic error repair to reduce the risk of data damage or loss.

A management tool designed with database maintenance teams in mind

Provides fully automated resource deployment functions, including database system configuration, version upgrades, system maintenance, as well as other daily operations that are highly automated, reducing the workload of the enterprise.

Microfusion Industrial Solution

MongoDB Atlas is most commonly used in architectures that require high throughput and large amounts of data; examples include: gaming, e-commerce/retail, media, finance, etc. Take a look at the gaming industry, for example: due to fluctuating traffic of game servers, databases must be flexible enough to load data, especially in the early stage of operation, when the largest number of players join in. At such peak times, the performance of the database will determine the quality of the game experience, which translates into the player retention rate. It is here that MongoDB Atlas can greatly enhance the gamer experience.

E-commerce and retail often find it difficult to understand customer behavior and preferences due to the integration of virtual and brick-and-mortar sales models. There may even be a lack of data to construct customer profiles, resulting in the inability to predict market trends. Or it may be impossible to connect multiple sets of system data, making the downsides of data analysis outweigh the benefits. That is where the MongoDB Atlas solution provided by Microfusion can help. We can store data generated by e-commerce and physical stores in the MongoDB Atlas database system, which helps you build customer profiles and truly understand customer behavior and preferences. MongoDB Atlas also has numerous built-in connectors, which can easily integrate customer relationship management systems, e-commerce systems, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.