Google Workspace 教育訓練

Building efficient teams to help you achieve digital transformation

Do you want to migrate to Google Workspace, but are afraid of being “ill-adapted”? The Microfusion team can analyze system usage and requirements for companies looking to achieve digital transformation, or for companies who have migrated to Google Workspace but do not know how to fully utilise it. By analyzing system usage and demand, we guide you through mastering the various functions of cloud office until you become a digital collaboration master!

Do you want to migrate to Google Workspace but have no idea how to get started? Microfusion will help you get started. We provide a series of training for using the various functions of Google Workspace. The training courses are designed based on the digital needs and business goals of enterprises.

Training courses are tailored for enterprises to improve work efficiency

To get enterprises running in cloud office mode right after introduction, Microfusion provides the Google Workspace training courses that enterprises need. We also hold regular webinars in which certified architects talk about the latest technologies and little-known tips and tricks that help you optimize your workflow and get the most value out of Google Workspace!

Custom enterprise-level education and training

The Microfusion team will customize courses based on the Google Workspace solution selected by the enterprise. Coupling with an enterprise’s needs at the initial, middle, and late stages of adoption, Microfusion will provide customized assistance, from basic application courses to advanced function development.

In addition, course content can be designed both for admins and general users. Admin courses are mainly for IT personnel, and provide education on console operation and system process management solutions, etc. General user-oriented courses include: Navigation and Operation of Applications in the Google Workspace Suite. And the best thing about it is that the venue, method, and class hours can be customized for the enterprise.

Google Workspace Webinars

To maintain a well-rounded “cloud office,” Google continues to optimize and upgrade Google Workspace products. Microfusion’s professional team provides first-hand assistance with applications, provides you with the latest official information in real time, and gives you exclusive access to Microfusion’s news and little-known cloud office tips.

Exclusive importing and consulting services, real-time technical support

Microfusion can integrate Google Workspace products, provide a full range of solutions (such as Google for Education, Chrome OS, Chromebook, Google Meet Hardware, etc.), and devise plans according to the needs of the enterprise. We provide services tailored specifically for enterprises, such as one-on-one Google Workspace importing services, corporate mailbox migration consulting services, and professional consulting to solve technical problems and emergencies without delay. Microfusion also provides Google Workspace invoices for corporate financial operations, helping you save on overseas taxes.