Seamless integrations for great remote learning experiences

The demand for remote and online learning has soared due to unforeseeable circumstances. Google for Education is an integration of systems and hardware to make digital learning easier, for teachers and students.

For teaching and learning,
the solution for your digital classrooms

As teaching and learning transfer from paper to laptops, how do we ensure everyone gets the same classroom experiences?

Grading, discussions, note-taking, exams, how do we expand these activities online?

Does your student have the resources to engage in online classes?

Are your data and assets being kept in a safe place?

Microfusion can guide you through Google for Education solutions, with secure remote conferencing, collaborative tools to create a paperless

Google Workspace for Education – Expand learning with apps

Google Workspace for Education has the following features that make online learning easier.

  • Assignments: allow students to complete assignments
  • Forms: for activities such as polling and tests
  • Keep: track tasks
  • Jamboard: interactive digital whiteboard for all kinds of discussion and creativity

Google Classroom – More engagement even without papers

Google Classroom includes the following apps that will make collaboration easier among educators, students, and peers.

  • Drive
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Gmail
  • Calendar

Google Meet – Create real in-class scenarios

Features such as Hand-raising and Breakout Rooms make online classrooms even more engaging. Online lessons can also be recorded and uploaded to Drive, allowing teachers to check the attendance and participation of students.

Chromebook- Enhance collaboration

Google Workspace for Education not only has features to make online classrooms more engaging. With Chromebooks, students and teachers can easily hop on online classes and get personalized learning experiences.

  1. Shareable, affordable, and mobile

    Chromebook is designed to be shareable. Educators and students can log in to their accounts and get a personalized experience even if they are not using their private devices.

  2. Security

    With security systems, using Chromebooks can save school admins to spend extra costs on anti-virus software. All your data, resources, and assets are kept securely. Constant updates of security systems will ensure your data and assets are always protected.

  3. Set multiple devices with just one click

    Device deployment is boosted by 93%, as admins and the IT team can set up all devices with just one click, saving more than 68% of the time on installations of software and equipment. VPNs will safeguard your network and devices from digital threats.

Google Workspace for Education Editions