Tencent Cloud Video on Demand 雲點播

Enhancing your audio and video contents

Long waits for video downloads and buffering leaves users dissatisfied with your services. This poor user experience will lead to unwanted consequences for your business, such as loss of users.
Microfusion can help you overcome the issues with Tencent Cloud’s on-demand service, which enables users to edit their content on the platform, comprehensively satisfying a content creator’s needs.

A one-stop audio-visual processing platform, essential for gaming, e-commerce, and education

The Video on Demand (VOD) service provides a one-stop audio-visual processing platform for content creators. Based on Tencent Cloud’s many years of technology, it is characterized by high-quality and stable audio and video; it helps customers quickly build a stable and reliable audio-visual publishing platform, and helps enterprises avoid needing to deal with technical issues, meaning enterprises can focus on the business at hand.
Services such as big data and AI can be integrated according to needs; an enterprise’s exclusive audio and video can be customized, which is essential for gaming, e-commerce, education, and other industries.

Video uploading

Video on Demand supports multiple methods to upload videos: local upload, URL video pulling, API uploading, and user uploading. It allows real-time video recording and conversion to on-demand mode during live broadcasts. It also supports multiple video format uploads and multiple file backups.


Video on Demand provides various functions for film editing: frame-by-frame editing, multi-track production, picture-in-picture, cropping, filters, double-speed playback, audio mixing, transitions, video and audio separation, text and picture effects.

Audio and video transcoding

Video on Demand has more than 12,000 distributed transcoding clusters, which can support up to 2,000 simultaneous transcoding tasks. This provides high-quality, high-efficient transcoding capabilities and supports extremely fast HD transcoding.

Video distribution

With more than 1,100 CDN cache nodes, along with the BGP network covering the entire country, and with operators all over China,VOD gives you a smooth experience in video and audio streaming. If the user has a domain name, the default domain name is used and resources are distributed to the nearest geographical location, allowing quick fetching of audio and video playback resources, effectively resolving delay issues and also supporting custom domain names.

Ultra HD

Reduce the number of frames without reducing the quality of video or audio; improve viewing quality for videos. Weaken areas ignored by the human eye, while strengthening details focused on. Repair visible pixels, thereby saving network bandwidth.

Image recognition

Video on Demand has multiple recognition applications, such as face recognition, portrait exploration, voice recognition, object recognition, image recognition, and text recognition.

Video storage

Supports storage of audio and video files across multiple architectures and devices, providing remote disaster recovery and isolation of user resources. It also provides separation of cold and hot backup storage of audio and video files, providing diversified options suited to each of your storage needs.

How it Works

With the Video on Demand solution, you can upload, edit, transcode videos, perform image recognition, and more. Through video distribution acceleration, users can read videos through the nearest CDN node, thereby reducing the reading time.

Tencent Cloud Video on Demand