SQL Server

SQL Server is a relational database management system launched by Microsoft. After partial expansion by Microsoft, it became SQL for operations. The initial version was only suitable for database management of small and medium-sized enterprises, but in recent years SQL Server has continuously expanded to a wider scope of applications. Now, it can be applied to database management at large-scale, multinational companies.

4 major features of SQL Server help you optimize database management

Transferring your SQL Server workload to the cloud can maximize the performance of SQL Server and ensure security and analysis capabilities. All the while, it combines the flexibility of the cloud and 100% compatibility with the code. SQL Server on an Azure virtual machine does not require deployment of hardware, meaning you can use the complete SQL Server version on the cloud. The Azure virtual machine can also be executed in the geographical area of global service to achieve the best database management for your needs.

Automatic Updates

SQL Server on Azure can take advantage of automatic patches and automatically perform crucial Windows and SQL Server updates.

Automatic Backups

SQL Server on Azure can automatically and periodically create database backups on Blob storage, or you can backup manually.

High Availability

Setting SQL Server availability groups can achieve the goal of high availability. You can also manually set a high availability solution or automatically set it using a template on the Azure portal.

High Efficiency

Virtual machines provide machines of various sizes to meet different work requirements. SQL Server VM also provides optimized storage configurations for specific performance requirements.

How it Works

Azure SQL Server Architecture

On-premises SQL service can be painlessly transferred to the cloud through the Azure SQL Server service and connected to the Azure cloud system. The VM can directly read the SQL Server and use its services.

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