GCP Infrastructure Modernization

Maximize cloud resources to optimize cost

Are you beset with troubles managing the on-premises server room, a time-consuming and laborious process that is also costly to deploy?

And is the security of information not rigorous enough?

Microfusion integrates Google Cloud infrastructure with deep technical capabilities, which can optimize the overall system and costs, helping you overcome precisely those challenges.

A virtual host can address different situations and be flexibly expanded

Google Cloud provides a variety of host types to satisfy a variety of applications in various scenarios, such as: Web pages, media streaming services, corporate ERP, gaming, EDA, machine learning, etc. With Google’s innovative pricing model, you don’t need to pay in advance to use Google Cloud. If you continue to use it for a month, the system will automatically discount the price, as high as 30%, and there is a chance of a maximum 50% off with the Committed Use Discount! Whether you are a SME, a start-up company, or a large enterprise, you can find the most suitable combination and the best model on Google Cloud to effectively control operating costs and give full play to the localized network speed advantage of Google Cloud.

Local server room, fast internet speed, low latency

Google Cloud is deeply engaged in Taiwan, where it focuses on local support. By expanding infrastructure investment in Taiwan, it provides local customers unparalleled connection performance with high-speed and low-latency. Compared with major public clouds, it avoids network interruptions caused by failure of submarine cables.

Spend less, use better

Use Google App Engine to create a main GUI, provide server browsing functionality, and distribute workloads to various Compute Engine instances and maintenance clusters. And through the rapid transmission of information over Cloud CDN, idle servers can be shut down in real time, effectively controlling operating costs.

Fast and scalable, with the utmost in security

The high-performance virtual machine (VM), which is flexibly expanded over Google Cloud, giving it the advantages of fast booting and stable and high-efficiency services. Google recommends the most suitable scale or custom-made virtual host with the customer’s needs in mind. In addition, the security functionality of GCP can help block attacks, strengthen the security of game servers, and reduce the maintenance costs of information security equipment.

Microfusion Industry Application Solution

Microfusion provides you with a complete Google Cloud modern architecture solution. No matter the type of service—be it IaaS, PaaS, serverless, or Managed Service, Google Cloud can meet the needs and heal the pain points of the industry to meet the architecture needs of enterprises.

Google Cloud’s IaaS service is economical, reliable, and stable. It can solve issues in the enterprise platform system with sufficient flexibility, stability, and scalability. It can be used once initialized, and will not lead to usage issues. Private server rooms do not need to be procured and maintained, both costs, making cost control and budgeting easier, which solves the problem of intermittent drops or spikes in market demand.

For companies that want to focus on application development and Auto-Scaling functions, Google Cloud also provides the managed App Engine and Kubernetes Engine, which can provide assistance to e-commerce or retail operators. When there are sharp increases in traffic to their websites during activity periods, this helps the system to handle the increased loads and allows automatic and scalable expansion to maintain a good user experience.

GCP Infrastructure Modernization

If an even more lightweight native cloud solution is needed, Google Cloud also provides its Cloud Functions service, meaning that enterprises do not need to deploy, manage, or upgrade servers. Cloud Functions can be triggered by specific events, can automatically expand and allocate resources, all with high fault tolerance. It can be applied to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Microfusion understands that each industry and company has its own specific challenges, and that there are different applicable modern cloud architectures and solutions. Microfusion is familiar with the product features of Google Cloud, and we can  tailor the IT architecture solution most suitable for you—walking alongside you on the path to IT architecture modernization.

GCP Infrastructure Modernization

Microfusion, Premier Service Partner of Google Cloud

Microfusion has a professional cloud architect and maintenance team, composed of members who have all passed original manufacturer certification. They have ample industry experience in cloud technology, and can plan best practices for GCP to help you achieve your goal of cost optimization. Microfusion can also help you adjust usage according to demand for all your projects, thus helping enterprises control costs and maximize the benefits derived from the cloud.