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Google Cloud AI can drive the growth of your enterprise

As technology and the cloud enjoy more widespread use, AI applications have gradually been put into effect, and global industrial innovation has been driven forward, both of which becoming a motive force for the development of enterprises. Using Google Cloud as its development platform, Microfusion is committed to providing AI solutions in various sectors, including start-ups and B2B enterprises.

Rapid deployment of global AI applications helps companies grasp new business opportunities

Through prediction, learning, perception, and understanding, AI-driven models can efficiently and stably make interpretation and decision-making based on acquired data. Through algorithms, the machine can establish logical interpretation from data and perform hypothetical verification. It can also summarize rules from chaotic problems and efficiently classify data , and even predict future states.

Google Cloud platform can help companies quickly deploy global AI applications, saving significant R&D costs for enterprises.​ Microfusion has many years of experience in the cloud and building AI models on cloud. We can assist customers in the use of machine learning models on GCP, and we can train custom models through GCP AutoML or import pre-trained models directly from Google. In addition, we offer implementation of image search and language translation, voice and text recognition, image recognition, and other common solutions to help you create new business models.

Searching by images allows consumers to “shoot and search” instantly, increasing the conversion rate of e-commerce.

AI analysis developed by Google Cloud can help e-commerce users directly search for products with images, which translates into an increase in e-commerce conversion rates. Microfusion can provide a one-stop solution to help enterprises easily import Google Cloud AI; we can also create exclusive app programming interfaces and other interfaces for enterprises.

Language translation can meet the needs of enterprises for dynamic on-demand translation

This is a pre-trained machine learning model that can achieve dynamic translation in more than one hundred languages. Microfusion can help you connect translation APIs according to your needs.

Speech and text recognition help companies improve the customer experience

The API can provide real-time or pre-recorded voice-to-text services for more than 125 languages, and can even convert more than 220 voice types to text. The Contact Center AI app can identify customer intent and provide an interactive experience that simulates human personnel. It can be widely used in enterprise customer service systems to greatly improve the customer experience and reduce labor costs.

Image recognition provides real-time detection and analysis

Vision AI image recognition is a pre-trained machine learning model. So long as you have set tags for images, Vision AI can quickly classify images, detect the emotions present in an image, understand the text in an image, and perform other functions. Video AI can also provide real-time, accurate video analysis; automatically analyze objects, locations, and actions in the video for users; improve searchability and detectability; and effectively simplify the management of video and audio content for workers in the media or audio-visual industry.

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Microfusion can help you build AI-driven applications with one-stop solution

In the past, enterprises had to spend huge amounts on developing their own systems. As a Premier Service Partner of Google Cloud and Google Workspace , Microfusion can help companies import Google AI technologies and provide one-stop solutions. We can also provide professional consulting on AI-driven applications, combined with comprehensive solutions to help companies quickly deploy machine learning models on Google Cloud Platform.

No need to spend the huge amounts of money needed to develop your own AI system.  Find out how Microfusion can help you confront and win AI business opportunities now. 

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