Azure Cloud Migration Service Azure 雲端遷移

Connecting to Microsoft services, seamlessly

Digital transformation is vital. Moving to the cloud is the first step you have to take to initiate the transformation. Azure, a cloud service launched by Microsoft that is recognized by the industry. It can seamlessly connect with Microsoft services which most enterprises have originally used.

Microfusion is a partner of Microsoft Azure and we help you implement cloud solutions to accelerate digital transformation. Whether it is migrating from on-prem to the cloud, or migrating from other public clouds to Azure, we provide the one-stop solution to help you maximize the benefits of cloud.

Enjoy seamless integration with other Microsoft services

Reduce time costs

With Azure, you can open a single page within 10 minutes. Leave the hassles behind and don’t bother to go through the process of procurement, screening, installation, and configuration.

Save workforces

It requires 5 or 6 people to get a piece of equipment running, from purchase to installation. After migrating to Azure cloud, the price and equipment description are simplified, which can be easily purchased and configured, saving tons on labor costs.

Integrates with Microsoft services

For enterprises using Microsoft OS, using Azure will be easy as they do not need to spend too much time on learning how to manage the cloud. Even for non-users, the easy and intuitive interface of Azure allows them to get familiar with the functions quickly.

Security guaranteed

Azure AD allows logins to Azure from anywhere. All corporate assets are trade secrets. The company’s IT admins can use Azure AD for identity verification, with zero risk to information security.

For cloud migration, choose Microfusion

Microfusion has served more than 2,000 customers in its decade and more of engagement in the cloud industry—extremely versed in both technology and experience. From the customer’s purchase of Azure Open points to the CSP service, there are dedicated personnel to provide assistance every step along the way. Multi-platform certified architects provide technical consulting and customized solutions based on your needs. We also provide an accounting monitoring system, which allows our customers to watch and monitor traffic at all times.