Alibaba Cloud Polar DB 雲原生數據庫

Simultaneously flexible and highly compatible database services

Microfusion can offer you a helping hand with PolarDB, the next-gen relational database developed by Alibaba Cloud! Each PolarDB cluster can scale out with up to 16 nodes. Structurally, storage and computing are separated, allowing all computing nodes to share a piece of data. It provides up/down specifications in mere minutes, disaster recovery in mere seconds, full data consistency, and free backup disaster recovery services; it not only integrates the high stability, high performance, and scalability expected in commercial databases, but also has the convenience of open-source cloud databases.

The most cost-effective cloud database: 7 advantages offered by PolarDB

PolarDB uses three independent engines to ensure full compatibility for PolarDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, and even supports Oracle syntax! The architecture used by PolarDB allows users to separate computing from storage; and each cluster can support as much as 100 TB of storage. At the same time, it has the dual advantages offered by commercial and open-source cloud databases, which can assist enterprises to achieve their goals of high stability and high performance—no need to sacrifice one for the other!

Large 100-TB Storage

A maximum storage capacity of 100 TB is provided per database cluster. While there are storage limits for a single host, customers do not need to purchase instances for database sharding, meaning that they can simplify the app development process and reduce the operation and maintenance (O&M) workload.

Very Cost-effective

PolarDB offers shared storage, elastic storage, and storage plans. In shared storage, the user is charged for only the computing resources, but if using traditional databases, both computing and storage resources are charged for. With elastic storage, the user only pays for the storage used, while storage plans offer higher discounts for larger storage capacities.

High Performance

PolarDB supports 500,000+ read requests per second and 150,000+ write requests per second, allowing for massively improved online transaction processing (OLTP) performance.

Elastic Scaling in Minutes

PolarDB supports rapid scaling for computing. Based on container virtualization, shared and distributed storage, and architecture that allows the user to separate computing from storage, storage capability scales automatically, all without the menace of service interruption.

Read Consistency

Log sequence numbers (LSNs) are applied to cluster endpoints to ensure global consistency for read operations while avoiding inconsistencies caused by replication delays between primary and read-only nodes.

DDL Physical Replication with Latency of Mere Milliseconds

PolarDB performs replication from primary to read-only nodes based on DDL physical replication optimization. Physical replication replaces logical replication based on binary logs while improving the efficiency and stability of replication. Even if one performs data definition language (DDL) operations in a large table (such as adding indexes or text fields), delays are still avoided.

Lock-less, Accelerated Backup

At most, just 30 seconds are required to perform full data backup for large volumes of data. And during backup, the database will not be locked, minimizing the impact of the backup on your apps. Additionally, you can set certain times to perform backup based on your business requirements.