Useful features, great connectivity, your top choice for remote conferencing

Google Meet Hardware can help you enhance the audio and visual experiences in remote conferences. With high integrations of Google Workspace, users can collaborate and communicate easily online and remotely.

Google Meet Hardware helps you communicate better

Complex device installations, compromised video quality with a growing number of participants, and the inability of conferencing systems to connect with other pre-existing systems within companies, are the frequently encountered issues for remote conferencing. Google’s Meet Hardware solution can help you overcome these obstacles.

Enjoy high audio-visual quality

Without extra login, connection, or equipment, you can start a video conference resembling face-to-face interaction with a mere click regardless of locations, time, parties, and devices.

Hold conferences with a high capacity

GMH is able to livestream conferences that can accommodate up to 250 participants and 100,000 viewers. For that reason, the equipment can support large-scale international conventions and seminars.

Enjoy contemporary Cloud conference rooms

In flawless alignment with Calendar and Cloud storage spaces, the convener and participants can easily synchronize their information.

Easy-to-manage, Easy-to-record

Conference rooms can have their own schedules and authorizations for file management. The crystal-clear conference management system can analyze the participants’ status and avoid external disturbances.

Choose the solution that best suits your needs



  Standard Large

Meeting rooms for 5-10 participants

Meeting rooms for less than 20 participants or
large-sized venues
Webcams 4K Camera Logitech PTZ Pro 2
Resolution 4K HD 1080P
Key Features 120 wide angles, this camera clearly captures all participants in the meeting room. This ML-based camera also automatically captures the number of participants in the room, zoom-in and zoom-out, and even cropping. This Full HD zoom camera captures all things happening in the meeting room with 90 diagonal field of view, 260 pan, and 130 tilt) Suitable for large-sized meetings rooms and venues.

10.1 inch-display with touchscreen enables users to see the schedule for the meeting room. Users can join meetings with just a click and record the meeting.

Speakermic The Speakermic is designed and built by Google. With features such as echo reduction, active noise cancellations, and four built-in microphones, it delivers crystal clear sound for meetings rooms (7-meter square and larger). The standalone Speakermic can work wirelessly without charging cords. The Spearkmic is also designed to have a maximum of 5 microphones, all linked with a single wire cord.
Chromebox Chromebox supports Google Meet Hardware to make meetings easier. With Intel® Core™ i7 Processors, Chromebox offers seamless and reliable access to Meet to give better audio and video experiences for all users. It also automatically updates to the latest version to ensure users always have better meeting experiences.

Microfusion provides an all-in-one solution to drive better communications

Microfusion helps our customers to enhance the audio and visual experiences of online meetings, conferences, and live broadcasting. We help our customers build the right solution with Google Workspace, Google for Education, Chrome OS, Chromebook, and Google Meet Hardware. We help companies implement enterprise-centric cloud solutions, corporate mailbox and collaboration, and professional consulting services.