Backup and Disaster Recovery 雲端備份 異地備援規劃

Minimize recovery time and reduce business losses

Interruption of services is a nightmare for any enterprise. And whether it is caused by extreme weather or human negligence, an accidental deletion may cause staggering losses, to say nothing of the damage to the brand and its reputation. Cloud backup and disaster recovery can shorten the time of system recovery and reduce the impact of service interruption, which is the best protection measure for the services and systems of an enterprise.

Secure, cost-effective backup plan

With the popularization of cloud services, regular backup and disaster recovery plans have become an important part of risk prevention and response. Disaster recovery plans are built on the cloud, without the need to operate a disaster recovery data center or recovery site (physical data backup center). Save on construction and maintenance costs for the enterprise, and with Microfusion’s comprehensive planning, the security and cost-effectiveness of the enterprises’ operation can be safeguarded.

Microfusion provides a comprehensive backup plan to help enterprises maintain their competitiveness

Microfusion has a team of multi-platform certified architects who can provide you with a comprehensive cloud solution that can help enterprises improve their disaster recovery plans. Even if an incident occurs, the enterprise can quickly resume operations after a disaster happens and minimize losses.

Significantly reduce the cost of RTO and RPO for enterprises

Generally speaking, the recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) ratio are inversely proportional to the construction cost. The smaller the RTO and RPO values, the faster the system will take from interruption to recovery, and the higher the cost of data backup. Microfusion can use Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and other cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions to greatly reduce RTO and RPO costs for enterprises.