To engage in accelerated transformation, choose efficient containerized application services

Are you trying to port an app, but are bogged down by reconfiguration? How much effort is spent on managing servers when developing apps? According to a survey by Gartner, in the face of the “new post-pandemic normal,” companies not only need to accelerate their transformation, but also need to confront new challenges through cloud technologies such as containerization. Microfusion provides Alibaba Cloud container services so that you can realize highly efficient containerized apps.

4 major advantages to give you efficient management

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) is the only product in China selected for the Gartner’s 2020 Competitive Landscape: Public Cloud Container Services report. It is also the first service platform in the world to obtain Kubernetes conformance certification.

ACK container service comes in three versions: proprietary Kubernetes, managed Kubernetes, and serverless Kubernetes. By creating your own Master nodes and Worker nodes, you can control the cluster infrastructure with fine detail, but you need to plan, maintain, and upgrade server clusters on your own. Although cluster management is a free service, the costs of Master and Worker nodes and other basic resources still apply.

Microfusion can help you import high-performance container management services. It supports enterprise-level Kubernetes containerized application management, allowing you to run and manage Kubernetes containerized applications on the cloud with ease and efficiency.

Powerful Cluster Management

One single cluster supports management of 5000 ECS nodes, multi-cluster management, and cross-availability-zone cluster management, and features high availability and disaster recovery.

Highly Flexible Resource Expansion

Quickly and automatically adjust the number of containers according to container resource usage; and expand to thousands of nodes within mere minutes. If using serverless Kubernetes (ASK) and Elastic Container Instance (ECI), 500 container groups can be initialized within 30 seconds. It supports rapid vertical capacity expansion and contraction, as well as service-level affinity strategies and horizontal expansion.

Provides refined scheduling elasticity of elastic workload for online business, and also provides the alibaba-metrics-adapter for various elastic scenarios to achieve elastic scenario optimization at the application layer, such as Ingress gateway and Sentinel microservice flow control.

Optimal IaaS Layer Capabilities

Provides high-performance VPC/ENI network add-ons, with a performance increase of 20% compared to ordinary solutions; it supports container access policies and flow control restrictions, as well as Alibaba Cloud Disks, NAS, and OSS; and while providing standard CSI drivers, it also supports dynamic volume provisioning and migration.

Enterprise-level Security and Stability

Provides comprehensive protection for cloud-native architecture, including end-to-end security, infrastructure security, software supply chain security, default security provision, secure sandbox, and confidential computing.