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Multi, hybrid, cross-cloud platform that is easy to manage

A pertinent question for enterprise owners: In the early stages, we invested a good deal in on-premises resources and used cloud environments. That said, how can we effectively and simultaneously manage the cloud and the on-premises environments as both structure and staffing become more complex?

Anthos, launched by Google Cloud, is equipped with security protection mechanisms and monitoring services. As Google’s first certified Anthos distribution partner, Microfusion helps you to deploy, execute, and manage containerized microservices and applications on multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, with none of the hassle associated with cross-cloud management!

Maximize benefits derived from the cloud! Benefit from Anthos multi-cloud deployment and reduce idle resources

Anthos is an open-source, cross-cloud management platform. Suitable for enterprises with hybrid multi-cloud and on-premises combinations, Anthos allows maintenance teams to deploy hybrid cloud architectures through a single interface and execute cross-cloud applications on one platform—all with high portability. From the early-stage moving and converting of existing applications into containers; security mechanisms that are integrated into the product life cycle; the definition, automation, and enforcement of policies across environments; enterprise-level containerization along with other solutions; and provision of prebuilt deployment templates; to the later-stage monitoring, troubleshooting, and improvement of application performance. Using Anthos’ one-stop services, Microfusion can enable enterprise maintenance teams to improve work efficiency and reduce idleness of resources, help R&D teams focus on application development, and give enterprises the ability to optimize manpower allocation and costs.

Realize Real Cross-cloud Management

Anthos can be executed on the on-premises, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and also provides consistent view and control functions. It allows you to build services in a local system or cloud environment according to your own needs. Centralized management can shorten the time required to manage applications and improve control of information.

Modernize and Migrate Applications with Migrate for Anthos

Traditional applications can be migrated and converted to containers in Anthos GKE, greatly reducing the cost and labor required for manual revamping. In addition, you can reallocate the budget originally used to maintain outmoded environments, while saving additional funds required for revamping and development of new applications.

Security Mechanisms and Automation Policy

Anthos integrates security mechanisms into every stage of the application life cycle, from development and construction to real-world operation. Using Anthos Config Management, you can define and enforce policies across hybrid clouds and multi-cloud Kubernetes deployment projects on a large scale.

Anthos Service Mesh

Anthos Service Mesh is a fully managed service mesh that provides crucial service level indicators (SLIs), including latency, traffic, and errors. It allows you to observe the health and performance of services, greatly reducing burden on the maintenance team and allowing the DevOps team to focus on building high-quality applications.

Google Cloud Anthos

Microfusion Solutions for Industries

Microfusion provides you with a complete Anthos Config Management solution, no matter who you are:

  • A banking operator who is seeking solutions for meeting regulatory requirements for storing data on-premises but also needs cross-national management;
  • A gaming operator who wants to provide players with low-latency gaming but has no single platform for cross-regional connections for monitoring and analysis;
  • Or a manufacturing operator who is looking for effective production line management methods while dealing with the difficulty in monitoring production lines in multiple factories.

Trust Microfusion’s Anthos Config Management solution for all of these problems! Microfusion can use Anthos Config Management to establish common infrastructure settings for enterprises. It can deploy the settings to internal systems and all cloud environments. Anthos Config Management evaluates changes and pushes them to all Kubernetes clusters, ensuring that the system reflects the required status at all times and helping companies automate and conduct specific functions. Since each cluster can be configured with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), Anthos Config Management will make your Anthos more secure. It can also protect and manage the permissions of employees and outsourced personnel around the world. In addition, Anthos Service Mesh can give you a deeper understanding of application traffic, which will help optimize the development process and formulate application strategies that are more in line with your needs.