Surge in Phishing Emails, Enterprises Face Significant Risks!

Enterprises are facing increasingly severe network attacks, especially phishing emails. Phishing email attacks are becoming more localized, disguising as common brands like MTR, PayMe or even the Hong Kong Government, making businesses vulnerable. With the expansion of remote business operations, emails and endpoints have become primary targets, significantly escalating the threat of phishing emails. Surveys indicate that 56% of businesses have experienced external network attacks, with a sharp increase in phishing emails and email scams. Various industries are deeply affected, especially finance, retail, and technology sectors, repeatedly falling victim. Businesses urgently need to raise awareness about email security and guard against highly threatening and sophisticated phishing email attacks to ensure business safety.

Ideal Choice for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: “Security-as-a-Service” Easily Solves Resource Pressure!

“Security-as-a-Service,” this new network security solution, not only provides top-notch network security expertise and technology, protecting emails and endpoints comprehensively, but also includes dedicated maintenance and updates, addressing the shortage of manpower resources in enterprises. Green Radar’s grMail introduces an economical per-user pricing plan, offering enterprise-grade email protection and technical support. With higher efficiency and lower costs, it solves various challenges in network security, becoming a new favorite for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Green Radar x grMail:Leading Email Security Solution

Green Radar’s grMail product line, powered by the unique artificial intelligence engine aidar™, provides round-the-clock email security protection for enterprises. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to learn global and local viruses ,ransome, malware, phishing and spam 24/7, undergo secondary cleansing and quarantine, and ensure emails delivered are free from security doubts. Leveraging security monitoring centers (SOC) in Hong Kong and Singapore, Green Radar is ready to assist enterprises in resolving various email-related issues. By directing customer domain names to Green Radar’s cloud platform servers, grMail activates email scanning, intercepts diversified risks through artificial intelligence monitoring and Sandbox technology, and delivers secure emails to customers within milliseconds. Additionally, the system can send suspicious emails to a cloud sandbox, allowing enterprises to remotely inspect attachments, significantly reducing the risk of intrusion.

grMail: Intelligent Email Security Solution

grMail automatically purifies email inboxes without user intervention, ensuring reliable communication. It employs cutting-edge technology to swiftly respond to constantly evolving network threats and enhance filtering accuracy. The 24/7 security monitoring center alleviates customer concerns about email security, reducing operational costs and achieving worry-free operations.

grAssessment: Enhancing Corporate Network Security Awareness

Green Radar’s grAssessment provides ongoing training to strengthen end-users’ network security awareness and enhance businesses’ ability to resist network attacks. Emphasizing local training, it prevents phishing attacks baited with local brands. Through continuous collaboration with customers, grAssessment monitors and improves training content, introduces new attack models, ensuring users are prepared to face future threats.

grKey: Intelligent Solution for Enterprise Resource Management

Green Radar’s grKey is a comprehensive solution on privileged access management. It integrates technology and operational support offering remote resource management, detailed authorization, MDR operations, and more. It accurately authorizes enterprise resources, ensures network security, enhances governance levels, and provides comprehensive monitoring and efficient operation for enterprise resource management.