GCP 無伺服器服務 Serverless

On-time delivery achieved with development optimization

Are you spending disproportionate amounts of time managing servers when developing applications?  The serverless and auto-scaling features of Google Cloud saves enterprises the hassle of building their own environments and managing their own servers, while forgoing all infrastructure management tasks. Not only is the developer experience optimized, but development efficiency is through the roof, making on-time delivery possible.

Use resources flexibly to accelerate time-to-market

Google Cloud serverless services allow companies to build, develop, and deploy various functions and applications as source code or container, allowing companies to greatly increase their operational flexibility. And through the flexible use of Google App Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run and other products, Microfusion can help companies eliminate all infrastructure management tasks, instead allowing you to flexibly adjust resource allocation, maximize development efficiency, and accelerate product launch time.

Deploy scalable applications; automatically expand and adjust scale

Design, build, and deploy scalable applications in a fully hosted environment. You can build applications on the platform regardless of programming language (Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, C#, Net, Ruby, etc.). There is no need to build an environment and management server on your own; and you can automatically expand and adjust the scale, meaning that developers are not limited by capacity.

Construct an expandable API, eliminate infrastructure management tasks

You can develop, deploy, and manage APIs; and you can also manage connections between apps and cloud services through Google Cloud’s internal APIs and services. In just seconds, you can deploy highly scalable containerized applications, and adjust resource allocation based on traffic, eliminating all infrastructure management tasks for you.

Automated scheduling and management of events to maximize development efficiency

Google Cloud serverless computing services can respond to events from other cloud environments and manage the allocation of events and workloads to other components. Developers only need to write and run small code snippets to respond to events, thus maximizing development efficiency.

Google Cloud Serverless 無伺服器服務

Rich experience in cross-platform deployment; Microfusion helps you maximize the benefits of the cloud

Microfusion has a wealth of cross-platform deployment experience. We help companies eliminate all infrastructure management through GCP, flexibly adjust resource allocation, painlessly perform integration and conversion, and maximize development efficiency. The cloud architect team has also obtained certification from Google, and can propose complete solutions, from pre-sales consulting to after-sales service. We also draw up customized training plans to help you improve the overall efficiency of cloud use.