With the rise of Hybrid Work becoming the adopted model for many companies, video conferencing software Google Meet has become an essential tool for businesses. By using Google Meet, companies can maintain high interactivity and engagement among teams even in remote meeting scenarios. Employees can also have greater flexibility in arranging their work time and location as a result. What are the differences between the free version and the enterprise version of Google Meet? And how is the cost of Google Meet Enterprise calculated?


Google Meet – What is it?

Google Meet is a video conferencing software launched by Google Cloud, providing users with enterprise-level video conferencing capabilities. Users with Google accounts can initiate online meetings. The free version of Google Meet can accommodate up to 100 participants per meeting and has a maximum meeting duration of 60 minutes. The paid version of Google Meet can accommodate up to 500 participants per meeting and has a maximum meeting duration of 24 hours.

Google Meet offers an intuitive user interface and user-friendly interactive features. It is integrated into Google Workspace, making it suitable for users with high security requirements. Google is committed to ensuring that all tools within Google Workspace, including Google Meet, enhance online collaboration with high interactivity, freedom from time and location constraints, and the highest security standards to prevent internal data leaks and external threats.


Basic Features of Google Meet Free Version?

In the free version of Google Meet, you can have a maximum of 100 participants in a video conference, and each meeting can last up to 60 minutes. If you need to host a video conference lasting longer than 1 hour, you will need to close the window and then reopen it to continue. Users of the free version of Google Meet have access to basic features such as “Screen Sharing,” “Jamboard Whiteboard,” “Raise Hand,” “Turn on CC subtitles,” “Send Messages to Everyone,” and “Change Background Image.”


Advanced Features Google Meet Enterprise?

Since Google Meet cannot be purchased separately, enterprises that want to buy Google Meet Enterprise (the paid version) will choose to implement Google Workspace Enterprise. Google Workspace offers multiple versions to choose from based on the different needs of enterprises, and the differences in plan content also affect the price range. Enterprise owners can evaluate factors such as the size of the enterprise, the number of organizational members, and collaboration requirements when making a choice.

The maximum number of participants in video conferences is 100 for Business Starter, the same as the free version, 150 for Business Standard and Enterprise Essentials, and 500 for Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus. Google Workspace’s Google Meet Enterprise version allows video conferences to be conducted continuously for 24 hours and includes convenient advanced features such as “Breakout Rooms,” “Recording Meetings,” “Polls,” “Q&A,” and “Attendance Tracking.” In 2021, Google Meet Enterprise introduced the Companion Mode, which allows members in meeting rooms to freely use the interactive features and controls of Google Meet with “individual identities.”


Google Meet Enterprise Pricing: Comparison of Various Plans

Free Version Business Starter Business Standard Business Plus Enterprise Essentials Enterprise Standard Enterprise Plus
Monthly Cost per User

*This is the annual contract plan cost, not a flexible plan.

free USD$6 USD$12 USD$18 USD$10 USD$20

*Starting 2023/4/11, price adjusted to USD$23

Meeting Participant Limit 100人 100人 150人 500人 150人 500人 500人
Maximum Continuous Meeting Duration 1hr 24hr 24hr 24hr 24hr 24hr 24hr
Meet Background Change Feature V V V V V V V
Meet Noise Cancellation
Meet Whiteboard Feature V V V V V V V
Meet Raise Hand Function V X V V V V V
Recording Feature X X V V V V V
Meet Breakout Rooms Function X X X V V V V
Meet Polling Feature X X X V V V V
Meet Q&A Function X X V V V V V
Meet Attendance Tracking X X X V X V V
Live Streaming Within the Domain

limited to 10K paticipants



limited to 100K paticipants


Why is Google Meet the best Choice for Remote Business Meeting?

Google Cloud has developed Google Meet video software with a user-friendly interface, allowing users to intuitively operate its functions, eliminating the need for complex settings and cluttered interfaces. To enhance the human interaction in remote or hybrid meetings, Google Meet has also introduced the following features to make meetings smoother and provide comprehensive online collaboration capabilities:

  • Participant Interaction Features

    • Raise Hand / Q&A / Surveys / Voting / Digital Whiteboard / Breakout Rooms
    • Screen Sharing / Recording / Real-time Subtitles / Instant Messaging

Google Meet 企業版費用1

  • Host Control Features

    • Automatic Attendance Tracking
    • Noise Cancellation / Participant Screen Sharing, Microphone, Camera Controls
    • Live Streaming

Google Meet 企業版費用2


In addition to the use of the video software, integrating Google Meet with the Google Workspace suite offers a complete integration of various cloud office software features, including Gmail email, Calendar scheduling, online collaboration tools such as Docs documents, Sheets spreadsheets, Slides presentations, and Drive cloud storage. These features are seamlessly integrated, allowing you to manage internal and external meetings through Calendar, access Google Meet links directly from Google Docs, Sheets, and engage in real-time discussions. Of course, you can also initiate instant meetings through Gmail.

Google Meet 企業版費用3


Google Workspace not only continues to optimize the functionality of related software but also enhances the integration between these features. This allows users not only to accomplish their daily work through Google Workspace but also to achieve high levels of team collaboration. At the same time, users can enjoy the excellent efficiency brought by the integration of various features, saving time that would otherwise be spent searching for and switching between different applications!