Gemini for Workspace has been renamed from Duet AI for Google Workspace integrating Generative AI into powerful Workspace apps while also featuring enterprise-grade data protections. Now available through two plans: Gemini Enterprise and Gemini Business (at a lower price point), it extends access for teams and organizations of all sizes looking to incorporate generative AI into their workflows.

New ways to chat with Gemini, with added enterprise-grade data protections

Google now offers a new chat feature for customers to connect securely with Gemini. This standalone chat experience combines Gemini’s recent enhancements with enterprise-level data security and copyright protection. Using Gemini 1.0 Ultra, users can receive expert responses to assist them at work. This ensures that diverse teams, from small to large businesses, can use Gemini confidently, knowing their conversations are private.

Gemini for Marketing

Imagine a marketing manager using Gemini to find ideas for an email campaign. They analyze industry trends, product updates, and what competitors are saying. Gemini helps them write catchy emails that connect these trends to their product, making people more likely to open and read them.

Gemini for Business Analysis

A business analyst tasked with boosting their division’s growth can use Gemini to spot trends and uncover new product uses swiftly. By chatting with Gemini, they can delve deeper into promising ideas, validate them, and present their findings as a business proposal to leadership.

Google Workspace customers can now chat directly with Gemini, safely and securely through a new standalone experience.

Whether researching or summarizing data, looking for business trends across complex data sets, or creating compelling copy that will resonate with a specific audience, Gemini can help people and teams take work from ideation to execution with speed and precision.

Meeting Small Business Needs

Countless small businesses rely on Google Workspace for communication and teamwork. A survey showed that 88% of these businesses want AI to help with tasks like data analysis, email drafting, and customer support. However, many face resource constraints. The newly launched Gemini Business is tailor-made for them.

Gemini Business

Gemini Business gives customers access to Gemini in their Workspace apps and they can chat with Gemini in the new standalone experience. Small businesses and teams can now build upon and augment their own expertise with Gemini as a research analyst, a professional editor, a customer service assistant, a creative partner, and more. Gemini Business add-on is priced as low as $20 per user per month, with an annual commitment.

Gemini Enterprise

Gemini Enterprise, formerly Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise, has these same capabilities, with unfettered access to Gemini for heavy users of generative AI. It also includes AI-powered meetings where Gemini can translate captions in 100+ language pairs, and soon even take meeting notes for you. Gemini Enterprise is priced as low as $30 per user per month, with an annual commitment.

Privacy Assurance with Gemini Plans

With a Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plan, your conversations are not used for advertising purposes, reviewed by human reviewers, or otherwise used to train generative machine-learning technologies. In fact, all of our commitments to data privacy, confidentiality, and security apply to Gemini for Workspace.

Get Started with Gemini for Google Workspace

As Google Cloud’s Premier Service Partner, Microfusion has successfully assisted over 2,000 companies with tailored solutions. Today, we continue to guide our customers in implementing Google Workspace solutions for diverse work scenarios. Prior to onboarding, we provide comprehensive training. Our dedicated experts ensure a smooth and accelerated transition to Google Workspace, seamlessly transforming your work onto the digital platform.

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This article is a rewrite from the Google Workspace Blog.