As COVID-19 sweeps across the globe, all enterprises face the challenge of adopting new modes of operations. It is a test of the enterprises’ abilities to transform and to adapt to changes in business environment. The ones that can survive the pandemic and thrive are those who can timely employ the appropriate applications and tools.

G Suite offers flexible tools and environment with Cloud collaboration. It is the key to sustaining operations within contemporary enterprises. In the face of the horrendous pandemic, G Suite Cloud collaboration and Hangouts Meet for distant video conferencing can help lessen the adverse effects and enable the enterprises to keep running.

The features of G Suite are collaboration across borders and the smoothest video conferencing. 

  1. Doc, Slide, Sheet as tools for clerical collaboration: documents can be synchronously edited regardless of time and location.
  2. Calendar as a tool for keeping schedules: the staff members can cross-check the conference schedules.
  3. Hangouts Meet as a tool for video conferencing: the staff members can enjoy the function of high-quality video conferencing at home.

A further promotion – Hangouts Meet Hardware

Hangouts Meet Hardware, which is an advanced video conferencing system employed by worldwide enterprises, allows you to hold video conferences from a distance by simply switching on the tool without the need of a laptop or mobile device.

The striking features are:
✔️ 100% made in Taiwan: The high-quality development process originated in Taiwan ensures safety and durability.
✔️ Excellent price–performance ratio: Superior cost performance index and more versatile functions in comparison to other brands of conferencing systems on the market
✔️ High adaptability: The abundant combinations can satisfy various requirements ranging from those of small-scale start-ups to of large-scale international enterprises.
✔️ Straightforward installation: Technical staff can simply install the system without any reference to a manual.
✔️ Highly integrated G Suite: aligned with G Suite’s Calendar, Hangouts, Gmail, etc.
✔️ Innovative Google culture: identical business formats to Googler’s

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