Recently Introduced Cloud Services Provider Program Seeing Rapid Global Growth from Partners That Need Cloud-native, 1-click Data Protection as a Service

BOSTON, October 22, 2020 – HYCU, Inc., a pioneering enterprise software company specializing in multi-cloud data backup and recovery, today announced leading Cloud Services Providers (CSPs) globally are first to deploy HYCU’s latest innovation and enhanced support for SAP HANA (See related release, “HYCU Delivers New SAP HANA Data Protection as a Service Solutions for Google Cloud.”) CSPs that have joined the HYCU Cloud Services Provider Program are able to leverage HYCU Protégé as a comprehensive data management solution to accelerate their customers’ multi-cloud journey. The program also provides partners a co-branded service that can deliver data migration, data protection, and disaster recovery as a service.

“Since introducing our Cloud Services Provider Program the global reception has exceeded our expectations,” said Bogdan Viher, VP, International Sales, HYCU, Inc. “Google Partners in particular recognize the importance of purpose-built data protection, available directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace, that is easy to deploy and manage for their customers. With our latest innovation and Backint Support for SAP HANA, they now have a powerful solution to offer customers. We couldn’t be more excited at what our engineering team has been able to accomplish with this milestone and providing our partners with this significant support.”

HYCU Authorized partner, Microfusion Technology, a Google Cloud Premier Partner with SAP specialization that demonstrates success in architecting, building, migrating, and maintaining SAP workloads on Google Cloud infrastructure praised the latest release. “We are excited to leverage HYCU Data Protection as a Service for Google Cloud’s platform to assist our SAP on Google Cloud customers to fulfil their enterprise backup requirements within minutes,” said Gerald Ho, Sales Director, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Microfusion Technology. “HYCU fully managed Backup as a Service automatically discovers instances where SAP HANA is deployed. Without any deployment, configuration or maintenance hassle. Protecting the SAP production environment against data loss, errors or corruption has never been that easy. We have multiple customers who are eager to take advantage of the latest HYCU innovation.”