Last week, Google unveiled Gemini, its most advanced and versatile AI model to date, featuring three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. Excitingly, Gemini Pro is now officially accessible on Vertex AI, Google Cloud’s comprehensive AI platform offering intuitive tooling, fully-managed infrastructure, and integrated privacy and safety features. This release empowers developers to construct sophisticated “agents” capable of processing and responding to information.

Unlock the Potential of Gemini Pro with Vertex AI

Vertex AI facilitates the customization and deployment of Gemini, enabling developers to create innovative applications that process information across text, code, images, and video. With Vertex AI, developers can:

1. Discover and utilize Gemini Pro or choose from a curated list of over 130 models adhering to Google’s enterprise safety and quality standards. Models are accessible through user-friendly APIs for seamless integration into applications.

2. Tailor model behavior to specific domains or company expertise using tuning tools, including prompt design, adapter-based tuning like Low Rank Adaptation (LoRA), and distillation. Vertex AI supports reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) to enhance model performance.

3. Enhance models with tools to adapt Gemini Pro to specific contexts or use cases. Vertex AI Extensions and connectors enable integration with external APIs, retrieval of data from external sources, and execution of functions in codebases. Organizations can ground foundation model outputs in their own data sources, leveraging structured and unstructured data along with Google Search technology.

4. Manage and scale models efficiently in production using purpose-built tools. Introducing Automatic Side by Side (Auto SxS), an on-demand, automated tool for model comparison that is faster and more cost-efficient than manual evaluation, customizable for various task specifications.

5. Develop search and conversational agents effortlessly in a low code / no code environment. Vertex AI enables developers of all skill levels to utilize Gemini Pro to create production-grade AI agents quickly. Soon, Gemini Pro will power search summarization and answer generation features in Vertex AI, enhancing search application quality and accuracy. It will also be available in preview as a foundation model for conversational voice and chat agents.

Ensure Responsible Innovation with Vertex AI

Vertex AI includes safety filters, content moderation APIs, and other responsible AI tooling to help developers ensure their models produce appropriate content.

Protect Data with Google Cloud’s Governance and Privacy Controls

Customers retain control of their data with Google Cloud’s built-in data governance and privacy controls. Vertex AI provides mechanisms like Customer Managed Encryption Keys and VPC Service Controls to keep customers in sole control of their data.

Indemnity on Model Outputs

Google adopts a comprehensive approach to AI safety and protection. The two-pronged copyright indemnity approach now extends to model outputs from PaLM 2 and Vertex AI Imagen, in addition to a generated output indemnity covering claims related to the use of training data. Indemnification coverage is planned for the Gemini API upon its general availability.

Welcome to the Gemini Era – Let’s Build Together

The Gemini API is now accessible, and Gemini Pro is available on Google AI Studio. Gemini Ultra will soon be available for select customers, developers, partners, and safety experts for early experimentation and feedback, with a broader release scheduled for early next year.


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This article is translated and adapted from the official Google Cloud blog.