When enterprises hear about malicious attacks and ransom incidents, it highlights the continuous focus on cloud security protection. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Microfusion Technology achieved Google Cloud Security Specialization certification. By offering comprehensive consultations, cloud deployment, education, and training tailored to the specific needs of businesses, they provide various cybersecurity solutions, allowing enterprises to embrace the cloud with confidence!
Google Cloud Security Specialization is a special certification provided by Google Cloud, symbolizing that partners possess outstanding expertise in cloud technology and practical skills in cybersecurity infrastructure. During the evaluation process, partners undergo a comprehensive assessment led by Google Cloud experts. This evaluation includes a thorough review of their customer infrastructure protection, data and workflows, and the ability to implement security best practices. This certification proves their capability to provide high-quality cloud security solutions for customers.

Microfusion Technology, equipped with the most professional architects and operational teams, has assisted over two thousand businesses worldwide in adopting Google Cloud Platform applications. They can establish cloud security solutions for enterprises, including Cloud Armor, Security Command Center, reCAPTCHA Enterprise, BeyondCorp, Chronicle, Cloud IDS, and more. These solutions protect sensitive corporate data and prevent malicious software attacks and threats.

Shasta Ho, CEO of Nextlink Technology and Microfusion Technology, stated: ‘We are honored that Microfusion Technology’s cloud security capabilities have been recognized by Google Cloud. Microfusion has diverse international partnerships, and all our cloud architects are certified by the original manufacturer, ensuring advanced industry knowledge and professional expertise. We aim to implement Google Cloud’s world-class cloud security solutions to encrypt data both at rest and in transit. This will assist in preventing, detecting, and responding to network threats, offering comprehensive support to various industries in safeguarding sensitive data.” Shasta Ho further mentioned that as businesses and organizations increasingly rely on cloud computing for storing, processing, and analyzing sensitive data, cloud security has become an essential trend in the technology industry. Many companies and organizations are actively seeking partners with expertise in cloud security to ensure the proper protection of their data and information. Google Cloud Security Specialization not only represents an honor but also demonstrates Microfusion Technology’s ability to provide the highest quality cloud security solutions within the Google Cloud environment.

Microfusion Technology will continue to uphold its core value of customer-centricity, combining cutting-edge industry technology and experience to provide the most comprehensive cloud security solutions. Microfusion Technology aims to lead the transformation in cybersecurity defense for various industries by leveraging the flexible deployment and rapid response features of cloud technology, bringing about a new paradigm.