What is Looker Studio Pro?

Looker Studio Pro, introduced by Google Cloud based on Looker Studio, is an enterprise-level enhancement of the self-service business intelligence (BI) tool. To date, millions of users have explored data, answered business questions, created visualizations, and shared insights with others through Looker Studio’s intuitive interface. Looker Studio Pro, launched at the end of last year, brings enterprise-grade functionalities, including content management for teams and premium support services.

Designed to support medium to large-scale enterprises, Looker Studio Pro enables team-level collaboration and sharing while adhering to corporate security and file management policies. With Looker Studio Pro, teams can collaborate on content without worrying about visibility and manageability issues commonly associated with self-service BI. For instance, if you want your employees to access 50 BI reports upon onboarding, need to understand the impact of deleting a BigQuery dataset on your reports, or seek administrative control over all reports within your organization, Looker Studio Pro can help you accomplish these tasks within minutes. Let’s continue exploring the benefits that Looker Studio Pro can bring to your enterprise!


Looker Studio Pro: Centralized Access Management for All Looker Studio Content

The “Team workspace” feature enables colleagues to collaborate within a shared space, providing new roles with finer permissions to facilitate easier management of content and members within the team workspace.


By adding members and assigning roles within the team workspace, you can share the team workspace with individuals or Google Groups. When you create new content or move existing content to the team workspace, all members in that workspace have access to the content. Specific permissions for members depend on the roles they are assigned, including Manager, Content Manager, or Contributor. For a detailed list of permissions for each role, please refer to the help center.

On the other hand, with Looker Studio Pro, if an employee leaves the company, you no longer need to transfer ownership of the assets they created. This is because all assets in Looker Studio Pro are owned by the organization and, by default, managed through the Google Cloud project.



Looker Studio Pro: Providing Visibility Across Your Entire Organization

You can now link your Google Cloud project to Looker Studio, ensuring that all content created by members of your organization is centralized and under your control. Granting administrators the ability to view or modify all assets within the organization through Identity and Access Management (IAM) means there are no longer isolated reports (data silos) or access issues.


Google Cloud is also dedicated to integrating Looker Studio information into Dataplex, allowing you to understand the complete data landscape of the enterprise through the same platform. This includes viewing how Looker Studio reports are connected to BigQuery tables. With Dataplex, you can gain a better understanding of the relationship between Looker Studio and BigQuery connections, conduct impact analysis, and comprehend how data is transformed before being used in reports. The integration of Looker Studio and Dataplex is currently in the private preview stage.



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