Make contacts without obstacles; internal communication can become super efficient

Sometimes, even two people in the same company can’t seem to find each other’s email and contact info… Want to know how to easily establish effective communication channels for members of the parent company and subsidiaries? The “Google Workspace Contacts” developed by Microfusion will help you bring down barriers between domains and departments, all while boosting effectiveness of communication and management. You can find group members easily by way of the user account, group email, calendar, or address book, whatever is available. Achieve efficient office collaboration with Google Workspace Contacts!

Build an efficient office with Google Workspace Contacts

When a company grows to a certain scale, the parent company, subsidiary, or cross-department will establish a more detailed management model to separate by domain, user account, or group email. However, connection information in internal communication software or emails often cannot be found, creating communication confusion and lowered efficiency.
The “Google Workspace Contacts” developed by Microfusion can unify the address books of multiple companies over a single platform; and it can integrate the entire group’s address books in each individual employee’s account. No matter if it is the parent company, subsidiary, or cross-department collaboration, communication can proceed without obstacles!

  1. Importing shared address books eases out complications in collaboration and communication

    Assists employees of the parent company and subsidiary companies in obtaining each other’s contact information and provides unified management of address books.
  2. Even people not using Google services can join

    Non-Google accounts can join, create shared address books, and engage in smooth, unimpeded corporate communications.