Opens up high-speed connections to the international network; ensures uninterrupted corporate services

Locate your server with a Microfusion partner: in Chunghwa Telecom’s international server room, Chunghwa Telecom’s wide-ranging broadband backbone allow websites to connect to the Internet at high speeds; Microfusion also provides a team of professional network engineers, 24x7x365 TCP/IP active monitoring services, and round-the-clock technical support, helping you avoid shutdowns of the host and interruption of website services resulting from sudden and unexpected power outages. The bandwidth used in the telecommunications server room is also composed of several dedicated optical fiber lines with different in and out lines. It is quite different from the dedicated line used for ordinary fiber optic connections to the home, meaning that it can ensure stability and speed.

4 major features that can effectively reduce loss caused by system abnormalities

Customers have access to basic services, including MRTG network traffic and system abnormality alert services. With 24/7 monitoring, the network management center provides immediate report notification processing when it matters, greatly reducing loss caused by system abnormalities. Whether you want to skip complicated procurement or outsourcing procurement of server equipment; or you are looking to cut your electric bill and no longer need to bear responsibility for the maintenance and operation of the server room; or you need technical support for building an ecosystem—no matter the need, we can plan the IDC hosting service plan that works for you!

  1. Create the server specifications you need with unparalleled server performance.
  2. Additional hardware firewalls, load balancing services, and backups are provided to enhance security even further.
  3. Hosting network apps and active updating packages.
  4. 24x7x365 TCP/IP active monitoring services and 24/7 round-the-clock technical support team.